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Theodore Melfi "The Starling"

I've watched Theodore Melfi's movie "The Starling". I like Theodore Melfi's movies because they are stylish and remain something in my mind. It might be because this director makes movies as "being alive and kicking". Every character is alive and they discuss their opinions directly as raw things. This Netflix movie "The Starling" is also the movie I could enjoy even I thought that it might be "bitter". White people and black people, children and Asian people show their characters naturally. I want to praise that.

I wrote, "it might be better". This movie isn't sweet or understandable as "St. Vincent" or "Hidden". If I look for good words, they get "profound" or "cool". But this movie will get "popular"? I am worried about that (I can see the lower rating on this site).

By the way, the Japanese treat "time" as a kind of medicine. If I explain it roughly, I should say "if time passes, things get better" or "time cures our wounds". But this can be a cruel fact because we have to "wait" for "time passing". Everyone needs the medicine that kills the pain we are feeling "now". The medicine which cures "directly". But this movie tells us that sometimes we have to "wait" for killing our pain. I think this movie tells that kind of "giving up".

They should accept the events that they had lost their daughter or she has been attacked by starlings. These events are beyond the good and the bad. It is the force of nature so we have to accept it as the truth. In short, they accept these events as initiations and become adults. But this kind of "beyond the good and the bad" can't be shortened as two hours movie easily. I hope Theodore Melfi would make the next movie that contains this kind of truth again, but it would also a cool entertainment.