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2022/01/02 English

BGM: Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere"

The morning I watched Ava Marie DuVernay's "13th". A person said that this movie is a must-watch to think about the discrimination for black people or Black Lives Matter itself. I thought that this has a good clue to think about them exactly. Thinking about the risk of being brought in jail, blamed, and hated just because of the difference of color of skin. Yes, it is irrational. It might have any little problems but I felt that Netflix has the great power of having great documentaries like this. This year I will keep on watching this kind of good documentary.

In the afternoon I took a nap and watched "Departures". This movie is the one my friends who are learning Japanese had praised as an amazing one. Watching this, I thought what has to be my job. The main character's job is an encoffineer who treats the bodies. Just because of that work, he had been blamed and hated. I also might hate him instinctively if my friend was doing that kind of job. It might be because I want not to see the bodies or death itself. This year, who will die, and what will it bring to me? Of course, this is not suitable for the beginning of the new year.

The night I watched Spike Lee's "DAVID BYRNE`S AMERICAN UTOPIA". Once before the era of subscription and YouTube like now, I thought that Talking Heads's music was difficult and too high class. Now I can enjoy it easily. I think that the attitude of mixing tribal music into a blue-eyed sophisticated one and expressing it as great entertainment is interesting enough. It becomes the opinion for the scene of this corona age (Of course, the corona was out of David Byrne's concern because it was before corona age). He or Europa itself has such great basic power.

Today was a day off so I watched three movies, so I felt really tired. Always I wonder what kind of movie I should watch. There are a lot of movies to be chosen, and they had never the final reason to be watched. Therefore I trust my hunch and watch something. Movies make me think about various things. About reading, I'm still facing Shinji Miyadai's "The World Is Basically Chaos". I will spend my time at the beginning of 2022 with this kind of book about movies. A little "movie boom" might have come in me. I would check Nobuhiko Kobayashi's books about movies if the libraries opened again.