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2021/09/07 English

It must be too early to say autumn comes... I listened to an American rock band R.E.M.'s "Automatic For The People" which is one of the music of my youth days. This album contains the song "Everybody Hurts". Everybody hurts... I had hated this song. I heard that this song is a kind of message song which tries to stop teenager's suicide. But I in my 20s had thought that "everybody hurts? So what?". If so, you wanted to say that my hurting was (or must be) banal? So your final conclusion was never minding it? It was your opinion? ...Yes, this must be compliant.

But now I have another opinion/impression. "Everybody hurts". Then this means you must hurt at the time you should feel pain even if you are careful and tender to the world. You have to owe your hurting by your responsibility... Feel the hurting and the pain. Take over that hurting. Important is that... I guess. Of course, I want to avoid feeling hurt or any pain. But I can't live like so. Therefore, I should learn from that pain and live on positively and carefully. I think that is the core of that song... or the message I have learned from it.

I went to a library and borrowed Scott Fitzgerald's later short stories. Fitzgerald is known as the writer of "The Great Gatsby" which has influenced Haruki Murakami. These short stories were translated by Haruki and I thought that their styles of the atmosphere of writings are near (or similar). They try to express how we can accept the fall or the collapse which must come. I thought that his novels are so important that I shouldn't accept them as snacks (I won't say that novels like snacks are all craps. You shouldn't treat snacks like junk or wastes). But he is not greater than Raymond Carver who is also translated by Haruki Murakami in my opinion.

The night I've watched Takeshi Kitano's "A Scene at the Sea". I have never watched his movies seriously like this. But I don't like killing or injuring vividly... This movie was for me very romantic and great one which contains a sweet summer atmosphere. Kuroudo Maki, who didn't say any words, existed as a strong character which is similar to Jean-Paul Belmondo who appears in Godard's masterpieces. Then this movie can be an homage to Godard because of the usage of color and the appearance of actors... I'm saying a joke? R.I.P. Jean-Paul Belmondo.