2022/11/20 English

Today we had a meeting about autism. In this meeting, we discussed how we should keep on having this. Should we have our "site"? And should we change our schedule for this meeting from once a month to another plan? We exchanged several opinions positively. I want to have our website. But it isn't easy to keep on uploading and refreshing various contents or information. We also have to think that who can be the admin. I thought that we might have to have the link tree of various members' activities. There are some members who use YouTube or pixiv, so having their links to them can be useful in my opinion.

After that meeting, I couldn't see why but I got depressed. I had decided to watch "Top Gun" at this time, but I lost my motivation and had just inertia. Suddenly I decided to listen to Tom Waits' song so tried "Innocent When You Dream". I learned this song from one of my favorite movies "Smoke", and it has been one of my favorite Xmas songs. I thought I would watch "Smoke" again. This means Tom Waits saved my life again. Ah, how many times I have listened to Tom Waits' songs, especially his "Rain Dogs"?

This evening I watched that "Smoke", it is a really "human touch" story. It begins by describing the meeting of a novelist and a boy, and the story goes beyond our expectations. Various characters meet each other by chance, and the story has been weaved by their thoughts or wills. This kind of movie tells me that I should believe in the "human touch" essence in our minds. Indeed, once I was bullied and hit by a stranger so I should believe that evil is our nature, but I just believe that there must be this kind of "human touch" essence that builds our minds, our goodness.

In Haruki Murakami's "Hear The Wind Sing", A DJ appears and calls the main character. This DJ says impressive words and shows his existence even if he is not any main character. I think that (as I wrote before) this diary could be that kind of talking by that DJ. Maybe my writing becomes too serious and says it "must" read as a lesson in our life. That should be wrong for readers. Just read if you like, and consume as recreation. I want to write such "easy" articles.