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2021/09/06 English

Today I worked late. In the morning, I had read volume 3 of "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle". No, this elegant storytelling of this drama might need to be called "the 3rd season". This is a well-made drama as "Twin Peaks". What will be the next? It has the technique to catch our interest till the happy end. But where does this drama go with us? What does this drama tell us as a lesson? As "Twin Peaks", this drama might not have its soul. Of course, we can't say that drama is crap because it doesn't have any lessons.

Why do I read Haruki Murakami's novels? I think about this. The reason why is, in short, that Haruki's style is comfortable for me. Of course, there are other reasons but the "comfortable style" comes at first. I am not a person who read books as gaining/building knowledge in myself (so I have never read Tolstoy, Yukio Mishima, and Mario Vargas Llosa). And also the story has certain philosophy and also has a certain "world". It takes me(or us) to somewhere not here. I have a desire to escape from here (or this reality)... But, if so I should read Yasunari Kawabata's "Snow Country". I think I am the biggest mystery for me.

And I had time to begin my work, I read "The art of the movies by Michael Haneke". Michael Haneke is an interesting person. He makes bad taste movies but he is not a "natural-born" believer of that kind of bad taste like Lars Von Trier. He shows quite a deep-thinking philosopher. He talks about the media which tells us miserable news only, and it makes me think that I am also the person who read the tweets criticizing Japanese politics and other peoples' opinions severely on Twitter (so nowadays I don't read any tweets).

Keiji Kajimura's book "Tokyo Story and Yasujiro Ozu" which I had read recently tells us that a "Truly satisfied person doesn't think if he/she should be a happy man because he/she is satisfied enough". I write about my happiness in this journal. Am I happy? and so on. So it tells me that I am not satisfied. But I don't think it's strange wondering if I am really happy in my happiness. I had lived hard, tough days so I become the man who checks if I am really happy, and I always tell myself that I am a happy person and get comfortable. Yes, it might be an easygoing, "happy" problem.