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2021/10/17 English

I had an online meeting about autism today. We chose meeting "online" because we had thought this corona disease still goes on. I could learn about autism with my friends and enjoyed it. Today I thought that we are quite different from each other. Every person has a strong character so we can learn from other members. It reminds me of the Beatles. A person is like John Lennon, who is quite a genius. The other person is like Paul McCartney, who is smart and can control the group. These unique people try to make a certain harmony and produce something creative. That's great, I think. Am I a person who is like Ringo Starr, supporting the base of this group?

Sometimes people ask me "What kind of books do you read?" if I say I like reading books. If I try to answer this question seriously, I say "I'm reading Haruki Murakami's books because I've read them as a fan, and recently I'm reading Yoshio Kataoka". Haruki Murakami is a famous writer so people can accept it easily, but I have to say this additionally if I try to talk about Yoshio Kataoka that, "Kataoka is famous as a writer of ‘Do The Slow Boogie’, but I've never read it". Also, I try to introduce the books I've ever read. But these niche answers are needed by them? I'm worried about it. This question is difficult...

Today I've read early short stories from "Haruki Murakami Complete Works". "A Slow Boat To China", "Firefly", "Bahn Burning" and so on. When he wrote these novels, his name hadn't been known as a writer of "Norwegian Wood".He was still a fresh and young writer. Therefore these novels are also fresh. I am attracted by minimal novels that are based on cool realism like Raymond Carver. I think that Haruki Murakami has a unique imagination which produces "Elephant Factory". But from this reading, I could find the essences which are not tricky but show his straight and serious stance.

After that reading, I started reading "Coffee Calls" by Yoshio Kataoka. But as you know, it's quite hard work if you keep on inputting another book when you had already read one book... Yes, I needed the "output" task so I couldn't read anymore. I thought that this "output" task must be important. Like telling/complaining to another person. If you couldn't solve the problem, you exactly could refresh your mind. I am the person who carries all the problem on myself so have to think about ways of "output"... Today I spent the time chatting with an Austrian girl. This kind of chatting in English always heals my mind. I joined her group about reading. She knows Japan well so I want to tell her about Brady Mikako's books.