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Back To Reality

2021/10/29 English

I've read Kenichi Yoshida's "Time" today. The author Kenichi Yoshida thinks about the time itself which works with our life seriously. This might sound too much but I thought that Yoshida might want to save the world by writing this book. He doesn't say about God but the writing style is sublime and the thought spreads into the religious field which is half apart from our reality. This thinking is almost going to be nonsense but it comes around our reality again. Yes, very interesting book.

By the way, why am I attracted by Kenichi Yoshida's maniac thinking? I don't know why. I am not interested in Naoki Hyakuta as other people. From my childhood, I have been suffered from this maniac taste. But everybody is different from others so I should have this unique taste. I have various ideas but they are quite unique things... I heard that our brains are mysterious like the universe. Yes, I am a mystery...

Sometimes I think about strange things. If this world's movement stopped, or if this time never went anymore... it's quite nonsense but when my pressure goes bigger before the work, my thoughts grow like that. I think a person like me can be in this world. A person who thinks about time and the world... this strange idea might make art like Christopher Nolan's "TENET", which treats time paradox seriously.

Anyway, I read books and think about something. These stocks of ideas might make something big (we can call it "quantum jump"). The thing nobody can imagine... Like BOSS THE MC says, "collecting the parts which are called the experience", I write the notes of thoughts and read books. These acts might make the enormous thing nobody imagine. I expect it and live this life. Oh, that's my life...