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2021/09/01 English

I had stayed at my parents' house one night and came back to my group home again. I read Keiji Kajimura's "Tokyo Story and Yasujiro Ozu" again. When the author Kajimura talks about Ozu, he also talks about death and life honestly. Yes, of course, Ozu's movies are interesting but this honesty is also interesting. I also think my points of view about "what is happiness" and "what is important for our life" which I had learned in my life when I talk about his movies. Of course, Kurosawa and Naruse's (and other Japanese great directors') movies have such a strong power but Ozu's movies don't look at us from the higher stage so we can disarm ourselves. That's Ozu's power.

I've watched Daishi Matsunaga's movie "Hanalei Bay". This is based on Haruki Murakami's short story and I think about the wonder and difficulty of making movies from Haruki's novels again. This movie is "well-made" (so it isn't a so-called "masterpiece") and it expresses the mystery of human beings and the awful power of nature. Reading Haruki might mean the act of saying nothing and touching that kind of a mystery because we can't understand each other (Yes, I think about Wittgenstein). This movie expresses the sadness which a single mother has from the death of her loved surfer son by the accident at the sea.

I've read Susumu Sogo's "I can't live without movies 2016-2018". The author who had started writing this series of columns in his 40s got his 60s (We Japanese call this 60s "kanreki"). This fact tells us that he has kept writing for 20 years. This book tells us his sincere attitude who loves cats, Jazz, hard-boiled novels, and movies. He thinks about his end of life seriously. This attitude always attracts me so I have kept reading his columns... This book is very thick but I have read it completely in these two days. Can I write like this? Can I have this "crisp" style?

I attended the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting by using LINE. Oh... this corona panic has been kept for two years. This year and the next year we will still be suffered from it? Ah, once I had believed the rumor that influenza was more dangerous than corona (so corona has not the worth to afraid). Let's be cool... I said like so. But the friends who I talked with in English sent me various information so I could think twice. If I thought only in Japanese, I would be a person who talked about "Anti-vaccine" by the rumors only. So I'm glad to be a person who thinks in English (although I am still learning).