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2021/08/03 English

In the morning, I have watched "THIS IS US" episode 10 as usual. This episode is about Christmas. Yes, it's a good drama. It is a steady, well-made drama I think. It has not been changed since I had started watching it. But I want to say that I have to mind the whiteness of it. I want to praise this drama's attitude which contains the problems of racism and death, but characters always stay good so I can't have good impressions of them. But I can't answer how this drama should be...

In the afternoon, I talked a little with a female friend of mine on LINE. I just wanted to LINE about Wong Kar-wai but she was having trouble so I felt embarrassed. She said I was always calm. I told her that I sometimes got panicked and angry when I was in my 20s. But I am not good at being angry so I can only do make people silent when I get angry. I can't negotiate with people by my anger. This is a natural "anger management"?

After that, I talked with a person from Seikaen. We talked about the troubles and worries of my work. The things I wanted to hide as failures came in front of me and became good topics to learn what is autism. I thought that "thinking again" can be a good source of learning. We talked about how job supporters can join my work. I thought this should be the light that comes into my work. But I want to stay steady because I don't want to lose my job.

That night, I have watched "Frozen 2". This story is about Elsa who was "chosen" as a superhuman who can use magic, and Anna who was ordinary who can't use magic. And this movie tells us that the "ordinary" woman Anna tries to create her way to survive. I don't think this is better than 1, but it moved my heart. Oh... when I was young, I didn't think anything from this movie because I just waited for something nice to happen... Now I can move by my instinct so I can feel their struggles like mine.