2022/05/26 English

Today I worked early. The morning I remembered the drama "The Good Doctor". That drama told me about the possibility of becoming a hero. I might be able to be a hero with my skill or ability... or this might sound too nice but I believe that everybody can be a hero (for someone/another person). That means that everyone has their talent or we can change ourselves by touching someone else's life who does their best in their life. People can change themselves by committing to other people. Yes, we can become higher. This idea is growing up to be a belief in myself.

I sent messages to Judith on WhatsApp. I talked about the meeting yesterday. Judith was pleased with the success... Ah, the encounter with Judith must be a mystery of my destiny. I can feel that meeting someone has a certain power. My memory isn't certain so I can't remember the reason why I went into Judith's room on Clubhouse for the first time. A friend of mine recommended using Clubhouse to practice English, and I started using it and joined various foreign/native rooms as an English learner, and... I'm glad to learn English literature at a university and keep on learning.

I write the same things because I'm not a talk show host. Once I talked with a more murmuring voice, and I thought that it was cool (I adored Reo Morimoto, the main character's voice in "Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise"). But through "danshu" meetings, the meetings about autism, and Clubhouse, I've got this loud voice. I have never thought that I can trust myself. I'm quite a fuzzy and uncertain character. But I believe that it is right to be dutiful to myself. Stayed dutiful to me. That can be the same as doubting myself and improving it.

At night I attended the meeting of the International Association. We discussed the issues of the environment of the earth. The presenter made a graph of the currency of money in his family and calculated the cost of electricity or carbon dioxide emissions. He made a clear chart of them. This 'visualizing' is important. For me, my usage of money should also be 'visualized' to be used cleverly. This meeting (or these meetings) made me think about various things. Sometimes I play the role of the presenter in this meeting and that becomes a good chance to learn something. Ah, this can be a good experience to learn the power of learning and meeting with other people.