2022/11/17 English

At lunchtime, I listen to the Japanese band Little Creatures' "Giants are Dying". I often enjoy this song and every time I listen I get really impressed. They appeared in the legendary TV program "Ikaten". I lived in a place where that program wasn't available so I couldn't follow their activities, but their high-quality music always moved me. Since I was a teenager (and also they were teenagers), they had the aura of "veteran"... no, they wouldn't play their music for maniac listeners so I had to choose appropriate words.

In recent days I listen to that Little Creatures and Silent Poets again and find that I am the person who likes this kind of "easy and calm" music. It is interesting. Since I was young, I have never been attracted by "exciting" or "thrilling" songs. I could never understand how the band Dreams Come True or B'z were great (of course, their music has really great quality in my opinion). But my taste is that kind of literature and music. I would never enjoy "exciting" or "thrilling" (we Japanese say "high tension") things. Remembering from my past days, I never thought that I wanted to listen to Bon Jovi. Although I think U2 is marvelous...

In my young days, I was so foolish that I thought being young must have a negative meaning I guess. At this age, I even think that "being young is good". But at that age I was irritated by the thoughts "I am powerless" and "because of being young I am ignorant". I also felt a certain jealousy of the people of the same generation who appeared in the media (for example, I was really shocked by Hiroki Azuma's book about Derrida). Indeed, if I couldn't endure that situation, then I must act as writing a novel or creating a thing. Maybe I was just a tiny person so I just stayed a listener or a reader. I could do nothing and I hated myself.

This evening I attended the offline meeting on ZOOM. There, as I had written about it once, I talked about Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA". We talked about how the song has been misunderstood (or just understood) and also discuss American culture, and also talked about how the cartoons "Sazae san" and "MOOMIN" are understood because they have been remade as far from the original stories. Always I have been impressed by the various opinions of the members. Their opinions are so unique that I feel they are precious. I enjoyed myself.