2022/09/30 English

Two days after the vaccination. Yesterday I took sleeping time so much, and it seems to work well. This morning I could wake up early and my body didn't have so much fever. I read Haruki Murakami's short stories well. Me, I have never read ordinary novels so much but I had written Haruki-like novels saying that "I can write these kinds of novels". Finally, I recognized that I can't write any longer novels because of my autism. And there are so many Haruki-like novels in this world so I don't need to write and add more. That led me to lose the motivation to write. All I can write seems to write this kind of journal... That's life.

This morning I went to Popo instead of Aeon. There, we 4 members enjoyed doing small talk. At first, the topic was "What would you do if you got 100 million yen?". And it went to "What would you do if you could live your life without any working?". A member said, "It would be hard if every day was like Sunday". I had the same idea. If I got such huge money, I would build a company with my friends and chose working more. But this doesn't mean I am serious or a workaholic. It just means "I am that kind of person". Connection with others saves me neutral.

After a nap, I joined the room Mihoge san had opened. Mihoge san was just after her travel to Spain, and the theme of talking was how to memorize the memories of traveling. I answered that "I would buy some commodities like mug cups, and use them in my daily life". For example, I have a mug cup that I bought at the shop Masashi Tashiro had in Harajuku and still use it. After learning that I am an alcohol-addictive person, I started having a will to support Masashi Tashiro who is still struggling against his addiction. Now I still have that will. I wish he would come back (although it couldn't be any great as his young days).

At the server about Haruki Murakami on Discord, I was asked that "Why did 'Norwegian Wood' become a bestseller in Japan?". I couldn't answer it. I don't think that it is a very brilliant one (of course, also it never is crap). I post this question on LINE, and other people answered me as he said this novel was a 'pure love novel', and also decorated with Christmas colors (brilliant red and green). That means that his tactics of marketing. Indeed, that design was very cool (now we can say it is 'Instagram-able'). And also, it was just released at good timing I guess even if I can't criticize well because I'm not a sociologist.