2022/10/05 English

Today was a day off, and I wrote an e-mail to my job coach. This afternoon I watched Twitter and learned that Yasumi Tsuhara has passed away, and it made me shocked. I like his novels, especially his early works of "Youto" and "Penis" which I read repeatedly. These two novels can be added to my all-time bests easily. His imagination is really vivid and real as Ryu Murakami's one. But his novels don't have any clear exit so choose readers strictly. I have to say that we have to wander in his novels or give no catharsis... I want to reread his novels by this news. Rest in peace.

I read Haruki Murakami's "Norwegian Wood" again. In my opinion, we can read this novel in various ways, and this time I read that this novel contains the issue of the form of communication. Haruki was a writer who strictly thinks about communication, and in this novel, he also tries to tell how to understand or how to tell something to others. His description of physical relationships might be another kind/way of communication or understanding each other in this novel.

Reading this "Norwegian Wood", I certainly felt really depressed. We forget the memories of the dead people. Everything goes into limbo, and the fact that we loved someone disappears, and the memories of the lover also do... and we die. But even if so, we can birth again, or restart our lives with the memories of the dead people. In that way, this novel might be nearby Souseki Natsume's "Kokoro" because it also says that we have the chance to be born again. "Norwegian Wood" is modern "Kokoro"!?

I joined Mihoge san's room on Clubhouse and got the chance to confess my dream. My dream is... I like talking about my opinion in languages (in Japanese and English). In a way, I am just a talkative person, then I want to deliver my opinions to my friends all over the world (even if it could be 'a small circle'). It's no matter how I could be rich or famous. Now I can spend my days in a sober state, so every day is a special day. Every day is a miracle. At the 'danshu' meeting, we talked about this topic, and I thought that I am living within the chances of rebirth every day, and the hope of realizing my dreams.