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2022/03/29 English

I saw a dream. I was making sashimi at a department store I worked as a part-timer. I had to make sashimi on every tray. I used blue trays which let us imagine a chilling atmosphere for summer. A general employee came here and said "Follow the manual and use the black trays". I said that "We have these blue trays as the most many stocks. How should we do if the stocks would end?". But the chief staff who came from the center of our company also came here and said "Don't be selfish!". I woke up there. A bad feeling remained. Yes, I had such an event.

During the afternoon break, I read Takashi Akutsu's "The journal of reading" at the office's cafeteria. Akutsu exactly reads various books. It says that he has his original way of reading. Of course, reading books means just watching and understanding the lines on every page. I also do that. But 'serious' readers read books and try to find something actual or useful in the books or for reading. They aren't 'satisfied with reading itself' as Kenichi Yoshida says. They can't do 'just reading'. Akutsu seems trying to let himself go deeper into the sea (or web) of text in every book I guess.

Inuhiko Yomota says the anima reading. He recommends not reading for creative purposes as they can be useful for studying or working but reading for only enjoying fun or pleasant. I want to be on his side. It's fun, and that's enough. Therefore I read books that never make money as Fernando Pessoa's "The book of disquiet". If I go back to Akutsu, he reads books that his antenna leads him to do so. Yes, it is a very loose activity. I thought that I also should do that 'loose' reading to be an expert.

At the night, I watched the hot movie, Ryusuke Hamaguchi's "Drive My Car". I don't think that it is a masterpiece. Yes, it was a well-made one but his past "Happy Hour" must be more vivid than it. But I admit that he didn't remake or copy "Happy Hour". He tried to open his new road and made "Drive My Car" so I have to praise his courage. Referring to Beckett and Chehov, he made this epic poem which tries to talk about "lost and found". So I have to say that I can't climb up the stage to praise this movie. I have to read Haruki Murakami's original novel "Men Without Women". Or I might have to read Haruki's career by starting "Hear The Wind Sings".