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2022/02/05 English

Now I'm reading Natsuo Sekikawa's book "The encyclopedia of late stages of human life 2008-2011/3/11", which introduces us to various famous people's 'late stages' and their whole life. Maybe because of that, I was shocked by the news Kenta Nishimura, a Japanese novelist had passed away by this time. But I had not read his books except his essays and journal because I don't like his 'brutally honest' style. I have a friend who has a certain knowledge of literature praised him as equal as Cyoukitsu Kurumatani so I want to read Nishimura's "Kueki Ressya". By reading his journals, he was a sincere and anachronic writer who has a great love of literature as Seizo Fujisawa.

I remembered the death of Cyoukitsu Kurumatani. I was shocked when I saw the pop of "R.I.P. Cyoukitsu Kurumatani" which had been displayed at a bookstore in Himeji. Indeed I knew the fact that everyone should die one day, but... Maybe his unhealthy life caused the death? I don't know but he must 'pay' his life. Of course, I wish he would live long and keep on writing, but it's happy that they tried their talent in the field of literature. I might have to read "A journal of a novelist's life".

Reading "The encyclopedia of late stages of human life", I remember the past. Yes, a lot of famous people existed in the past and the world was funny... But I never think that I want to go back to the past. The past was the era I never want to experience again for me. I had not learned about autism and had been bullied at the schools. I always had troubles in my daily life. I couldn't find a good job, therefore, I had drunk a lot of alcohol. Never want to go back! In that way, "The encyclopedia of late stages of human life" is a tempting book. But the author sees now exactly. I must remember that.

Besides that Sekikawa's book, I am reading Susumu Sogo's "Can't live without movies 2006-2008". In the book, a column talks about the question that how to live life with 'easy mode'. I might live my life with 'easy mode' because I graduated from Waseda. But I don't think that a 'low cost' life must be a happy life. In that way, I love this life which is full of waste. Waste... For example, I read books about the human brain even if I don't want to be a professor. That kind of 'waste' might get alive 'from now'.