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2021/12/19 English

BGM: Aztec Camera "Walk Out To Winter"

At last, I started writing a novel "Dead Can Dance". I wrote about a death I accidentally met on Twitter. The death of Sayaka Kanda, a Japanese famous actress... It is unnatural so some people say that must be suicide. Of course, I can see no true facts from this news only. But if it was so, I remember I was also a person who thought the idea of suicide so I feel sick. Therefore, I think it is important not to make a panic by this kind of news, but just to pray the person will rest peacefully. I've read Ango Sakaguchi's "An outlaw and Christ" recently so I wrote about it in the novel. I'm writing "Dead Can Dance" as an English novel. if I had extra power, I would translate it to Japanese. But it is hard.

Today was a day we had the meeting about autism. We had it as an online meeting because of various causes. We enjoyed it together. How to manage using money and treat our rooms neet... the problems of my workplace and the movement of job coaches in our town. We talked about them. I talked about the news of Sayaka Kanda as a hot one. How to watch the problems in ourselves and say SOS out. For me, I meet various friends and talk about problems, or I write articles as novels or a journal. They seem to be a way of keeping my mind calm. I will keep on writing.

This is just a common opinion. The death of celebrities causes serious shock to the people. For me, I respected a Japanese writer Cyoukitsu Kurumarani although I hadn't read all of his books, therefore I felt a very serious shock in my mind when I found the news of his death at the bookstore in Himeji. And, we should consider the possibility of suicide in this case. A lot of people can feel the serious shock in their minds. I guess that social media is damaging a lot of sensitive users' minds. Of course, I am also one of the users and so thinking thankful for it.

Referring to suicide, this year I had read Kyouhei Sakaguchi's "Call me if you're sick". That reading has been an interesting event this year. Like Sakaguchi, I started writing experimental prose by looking at myself when I get sick. The "Dead Can Dance" is one of the trials I have started because of the mental sickness to let it out. It might be ignored by the majority. And that's OK. I just need readers who truly need my articles. How will it become?