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Exactly it knocks me

As usual, I did my work this morning and it finished, so got a lunch break and went to the cafeteria at my workplace. But that cafeteria is now out of service. It just became an open room and every employee brings their lunchbox to here and enjoys lunchtime. I found Mayu was there. It told me that Mayu's section could give her a lunch break. Mayu was reading something with music by wireless earphones. Mayu found me and took those earphones off and smiled. She even waved to me. I talked to her. How do other employees think about our relationship?

"Now you are having a break?"

"Yes" Mayu said, "It was very hard".

"From now, we are going to get into the flower-looking season and the golden week, so it will get busier". I said to. "What are you reading?"

"This? This is Kazushi Hosaka's 'Morning dew express'".

"I've never heard of it".

Then, Irritated words came to us. "Taki"

"Taki" is my name. I turned back and found Kashii chief. "Don't do silly talk. We shouldn't make any cluster".

"Yes, I agree"

Kashii chief went out with his monologue. I went to an absent chair. Suddenly, my smartphone noticed that someone sent me a LINE. Probably Mayu did. Communicating with LINE can never make any cluster. That is the difference from 'silly talk'. Indeed, we are in the same room and can talk easily, but we have to use LINE. But I can do nothing else. I ate a tonkatsu lunchbox and read the LINE. Yes, it was from Mayu.

"I'm sorry. Now I'm reading Kazushi Hosaka's 'Morning dew express'".

She pasted the link from Amazon. It was very Mayu. The message goes like this.

"He writes 'The things that disappeared from this world knock me because of their disappearance'. A powerful phrase".

I wrote the response on LINE.

"I see. May I have the plot of that book?"

But I can't say that I like reading books. Maybe the most difficult book I have read in this life can be Koutarou Sawaki's "Midnight Express". I just get used to reading easy mysteries and essays. I am just an ordinary person or citizen. I just respect Mayu for the books she has read. She reads a lot. Once she read "Phantoms in the brain". I thought it might be a horror novel so told her. She smiled at me and said, "I like your point of view".

When I meet her, she already reads different books. Almost every day I meet her, she read differently. It's awesome. Mayu is trying to manage her reading on bookmeter and booklog. These sites told her that she has been reading books a book for two days. Oh my. But she says that 'reading a lot means nonsense. Slow reading and repetitive reading are must'. I once tried to the book she read. It was Kouichiro Kokubun's "ethic of leisure and boredom" but couldn't reach the third page.

Oh... Mayu told me a good phrase. 'The things that disappeared from this world knock me because of their disappearance' How is the book? No, what does Mayu think of that book? Is the thought Mayu had 'the things that disappeared from this world'? Then, exactly it 'knocks me'.