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2022/03/09 English

A day off. I went to AEON this morning and tried to read books, but I could read nothing. So I went to a library and borrowed Rei Nagai's book "The philosophers in water" that I had been interested in, and also borrowed Yoshio Kataoka's "Seven short stories, in order to be written". Going back to my group home, I did talk with my friends in English on clubhouse. Afternoon, I still could read nothing so went to AEON again. After spending time idling, I returned to my room and read "The philosophers in water" a little. The night I went to the 'stop-drinking-alcohol' meeting and talked about today. I am not good at spending a day off. I might have to make any plans. Or I should learn something seriously.

Rei Nagai's writing is quite interesting as I expected. It has a mild touch, but it also shows the author's stance which doesn't adore Kant or Descartes too seriously. She just tries to do philosophy with her best. Following Nagai, I thought these things. "Does water has its shape?", "Does rainbow has the 8th color?", and "Someday we will be able to move the moon?". But I have to think about these ideas with my effort to explore, not just think of them instantly. I want to follow her attitude and write about this book when I will have finished reading it.

Spending time lonelily in my group home, I almost go crazy. As you know, we are still under covid disease so can't meet and talk with each other easily. In this limited situation, I have to think about the activities that I can do alone, and also the ones I have to do with others. The ones I can do alone are to read and to watch. But these are also the ones I should share with others on the premises (At least, in my case they should be so). Sharing them with others in the world, my thoughts go beyond me and get connected globally. Opening to the world is getting difficult because of covid disease... I guess so.

Focusing 'now'. The past and the future are just the ones I make with staring 'now' so they might be phantoms... I thought about this with Mouse On Mars's music. Following Kyohei Sakaguchi, just I should write my thoughts on the blank pages, not trying to make its resumes... I want to write 'philosophical dialogues' as Hitoshi Nagai and Shigeki Noya do. Even if they might be read by a few, I want to be sincere to the emotion I want to write something. Just trying to write Nagai's idea that "we can't live the life as anyone else"... This reminds me of Phil Collins's pop tunes.