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The strength of beliving in God

I heard that Kenji Ozawa's album "The Dogs Bark, But The Caravan Moves On" will be released again. This album is one of my favorites in my life. An evergreen one. When I was a high school student, I asked my father to give me as a present and he did so. I have listened to this about 1000 times... or more. It's evergreen anytime.

I like this album because it has various profound lyrics, maybe they come from the source of various cultural masterpieces. I remember this lyric. "For me, the strength of believing in God, For not forgiving living life". Once I thought that this might be a mistake or a misunderstanding of mine. "the strength of believing in God"? I believe in God because of my weakness. I am a weak, powerless person as Pascal says. So, if I was strong, I didn't need God... I thought so.

But now, I think this part of the lyrics can tell this kind of fact. Of course, this is "my" reading but I think like this. If I believe in God, I have to owe a kind of risk. I can't say what can be the risk, but maybe it can be that believing in God means choosing this life and living on. Accepting God's power means going my life... like the caravan which moves on even if the dogs bark!

Yes, this is empty logic. It's just a pop song's lyric. But even if it's so, I have always been supported by "just pop songs' lyrics". Should I live this life from a positive point of view? Or negatively? I used to spend my life thinking about them. Always music has supported my life (even if the music was Nine Inch Nails's music which leads me to hurt myself). Today I'm listening to Lou Reed's classic performance "Walk On The Wild Side" and writing this.