2022/10/20 English

At lunchtime, suddenly I wanted to listen to Pizzicato Five’s "皆笑った" so I tried to do. From this song's funny lyrics and elegant melody, I thought of Japanese essences in me. I feel some Japanese sentiments in Pizzicato Five's songs. Of course, they certainly play sophisticated music, but that also provides Japanese essences clearly. Is this nationalism? But their snob essences ease me and give me thrilling feelings. I once listened to "Sweet Pizzicato Five" again and again.

In my teenage days when I was into Shibuya Kei pops, I believed that there must be a certain sophisticated life that they sing in their songs strictly. Now I am exactly living that kind of life. A life which is full of my favorite things I have chosen with my sense, a happy life... Of course, it is just a poor life and far from any gorgeous dream life. But I decorate my life with my tastes even if I am poor, and live with enjoying freedom. I might have learned a certain policy of Pizzicato Five, Original Love, and Flipper's Guitar.

Shinji Miyadai said that "Life is nonsense". I remembered this. He also says that "From senses to intensity". During we enjoy something, if I can enjoy it as a pleasant thing and also taste deep ecstasy, it can be enough... this is what he wants to say. I like this way of thinking and trying to weave this policy into my life. Now I can live my life by finding some pleasure in my work and private life in this real world. I don't care if it had no sense, because I can enjoy the pleasure of learning English, reading books, and thinking of ideas like this.

Ah, I can celebrate this life. I can say that this life is happy enough. That might be the source of my strength I guess. It becomes the power... I don't need to compare myself with anyone else. I don't need to copy someone else. I am this person and that's enough. I am getting not have any interest in acting as any ideologue on social media, and just trying to learn English only. I might be living in the policy that I have learned from Pizzicato Five and Kenichi Yoshida, which means making my life beautiful should be the way of facing this world, this real.