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2021/11/12 English

I heard the presentation I had done was praised by some members who attended yesterday. And also, my international friends showed an interest when I told them about yesterday's presentation. So I think that I should translate the material I used into English and show them. As I wrote before, on the 21st day of this month I will attend a meeting about autism so I want to introduce this experience. I want to share... By the way, On translation between English and Japanese I rely on my head. Yes, google translation's quality is getting better, but I can't rely on it yet.

My mind changes too easily and quickly, and this is one of the bad characters of me. If I think it positively, it means I can get recovered easily from any troubles... For example, when I read books I can't stay still and read one book steadily. I always read two or more books at a time, and I even throw it away if I can't get into the book. Is this related to autism? Writing a journal every day steadily shows the big change in me. Once I couldn't keep on writing a journal and also I used to write a short novel in a few days. Yes, that was absurd... Stay still and write every day even if I can't find any motivation. Keeping on keeping on... That becomes my habit.

At my work (this might be prohibited) I sometimes sing songs with tiny tones. These songs are sometimes beyond my imagination. I sing the songs I don't sing usually at work. It's like a jukebox. Now I am listening to Pizzicato Five's songs and writing this journal. This mechanism of memory is incredible. Where is this huge collection of songs? Where are they stocked? And what are the triggers which start these songs? Our brains are like a universe. I should read Yuji Ikegaya's books about the brain.

If I start working, my mind has been changed by the work. I do the judgment of the situation which the work needs to me and move my body. Great reality floods me. So thinking too much before the work always ends in vain. I do mending the situation and do the work relying on the chances. I do the things the workplace needs me to do. Sometimes this kind of "throwing away any planning" is criticized as easy-going (I remember the movie "Parasite"). But I think that mending the situation and working by chance is also important to live on. Que Sera Sera... as Bruce Lee says, "Don't fight it, feel it!".