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2021/11/07 English

As I did yesterday, I wanted to watch movies deeply, so I watched Yoshihiro Mori's "We Couldn't Become Adults" on Netflix this morning. I didn't expect that this movie was brilliant. This movie is a Japanese one but I thought this must be an introspective one. Just going backward... Yes, I watched it and thought it was exactly an "introspective" one but also this has a big problem which we can't ignore. The main character is (probably) 46 years old like me. I could understand his point of view about his job and life. They were expressed well, I believe.

I and he are called the "Lost generation" in Japan. We had to win the war of "entering good university" which was brought by the "baby boom". We also had to look for a good job against "the ice age of getting a job". I also had a lot of trouble during that period so I can feel the sympathy of his "rotten" mind and struggle to be an adult. Therefore I should worry that this movie doesn't show anger to "the outside". We have to live a poor life and can't expect welfare in our older period. This difficulty to live is described in this movie well, but the anger for the government or economy brought us that difficulty. I thought this was a problem with this movie.

But I don't want to say that this movie must be an "introspective" and "sentimental" one by that fact only. Just shouldering that difficulty and facing the current situation. These are important... this movie might say like this. This movie is a "well-made" one, so I want to see how the people "except the lost generation" accept this. Do they treat this movie as a selfish one? Or do they also feel sympathy? I don't want to think that they would accept this as a "fashionable" one.

Sometimes some people say I'm a cinephile. No way! I had not watched movies until 40 years old. Probably the college students who have a keen curiosity watch various movies more than me (this isn't an irony). But there is no one like me who writes these kinds of sh*t (sorry!) reviews so I write them. That's all. Always I write about movies, music, books thinking as "Why can't they understand me?". Yes, I am always too special.