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2021/11/10 English

Probably Pascal said like this. The unhappiness of the people is the fact that we can't stay still in our room... Today was a day off for me and I thought I should watch a movie in my room. But I tried to look for any good movie by subscription and found nothing. Movies didn't knock my heart. So I quit and went out of there, went to a library, and borrowed Toshiyuki Horie's "Turning around clockwise". And "Interpreter of Maladies" was already borrowed by someone, so I borrowed one of Alice Manlou’s short stories and one of Alistair MacLeod's. This winter I might spend my time reading "Winter Dog".

I knew just the name Alistair MacLeod by reading his short novel "Winter Dog" from "The Selection of the World Literature" edited by Natsuki Ikezawa. But I tried to read firmly and couldn't. It always became "later and later"... Alice Manlou was the writer I tried to read her collection when she got a Nobel Prize (because I'm a snob). But I couldn't read them. I want to read it by this chance. By the way, the Shincho Crest Books are full of great writers' works. I might choose anything from the Creat Books if I can't find what to read.

After a nap in the afternoon, I could find nothing to do. At last, couldn't spend my time well. I'm tired? I tried to go to the cafe and think about the idea of my novel but couldn't. Just like a cat who was cut its whisker, I lost the sense of where to go and hang around all day. I tried to read a book but felt sleepy, and I tried to watch movies but I couldn't find the motivation to do. At last, I tried to sleep and skip the time but I couldn't. Boredom... and after that, I always find that I notice I have the tasks to do. What a waste!

I went to a "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting. After that, I read Ocean Vuong's, an American poet who has the root from Vietnam, "On Earth, We're Briefly Gorgeous". I thought this novel was a decent one by a poet who is sensitive to choosing words. Looking at his sexuality and describing the disaster America brought to Vietnam, choosing every word from inside of him one by one. I'm interested in his sense of reading because he referred to Roland Barthes. Of course, I also like Barthes. This is his debut novel. What kind of novel will he write the next time?