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2021/09/15 English

In the morning I had watched Marco Proserpio's movie "The Man Who Stole Banksy". This movie is about Banksy, a British anonymous artist. His political and artistic stance, and how his art is accepted and consumed in the world of art are described in the movie. I think the art of Banksy is pretty cool but it is also beyond my words. So this movie is thrilling for me. But I also want to know why Banksy's art is so cool with straight comments. It is a little bit difficult for me, an amateur person.

From 2 pm to 4 pm, I had an online meeting and talked with my friends. A person asked me about the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting so I told him about it. I think that there are many people who should drink because of the stress under this corona disease. If I was sunk in alcohol with stress? It would be terrible... there must be people with problems like that. So I hope that a lot of people could connect to the meeting like me. Besides that, a person asked me about "knowing you know nothing" by Socrates. So I will borrow a book about Socrates. TBH I don't know about this concept.

Tomorrow night, I will have an online meeting so I made a paper about Haruki Murakami to talk about. I want to talk about "Will Haruki Murakami get the Nobel Prize this year?". Of course, I don't think whether he will get the prize is important. For example, I won't say Kenji Nakagami wasn't great because he didn't get it. But this panic of the prize can be the evidence he is read in all over the world. If his novel would be the topic to discuss (even if it could be negative) by the prize, it became interesting.

At the night, I enjoyed chatting in English by using clubhouse. Talking about the corona and doing nothing leads me nothing so I enjoy podcasts and YouTube broadcasting to learn English, thinking "How I add myself the power to go forward". But there is only one way to learn vivid English, which is offline English classes. Oh, what I should do... I think about it for a long time. Watching movies, chatting in English, working, reading books... nothing changes in my life. I almost forget that such a life can be happy for me. I want to thank current life.