2022/10/06 English

Today is the day of announcing who is the new winner of the Nobel prize for literature. This year it was Annie Ernaux, so I was sad as a fan of Haruki Murakami. But it's wonderful that I can see the moment another great writer can get glory so I want to read Annie Ernaux's books (some of her books are translated into Japanese). I also have to be ashamed that I have never read her books. I have to learn that there are a lot of great writers in this world. They are writing their great novels now and asking about the meaning of literature. That makes me quiet.

In his books, Haruki doesn't say how he would react to the Nobel prize clearly. Indeed, he might accept the prize if he would be given it. But, at least in public, he says that he has no interest in that prize and just doing his job. Of course, basically, writers must be liars. But I guess that he shows his honest mind with such a stoic attitude. For writers, their works are all. Now, many readers read their books. That is a clear fact. Would Haruki want any bigger things than that fact? (even if you say that Haruki is a greedy person).

Today was an ordinary day. Such a peaceful day must be a gift from God. I want to celebrate today so I listen to Donald Fagen. Listening to "The Nightfly" and "Kamakiriad", and I read the rest of Haruki's "Dance Dance Dance", but I started feeling sleepy. During the lunch break, the scenery in front of me was peaceful so I felt happy. I have a lot of memories of my workplace or my town. Every day's memory becomes a cluster like a millefeuille and makes a friendly atmosphere for me.

I thought this. I have lived until now and just thought that I wanted to become higher, and grow more even if I got no prizes or honors. Indeed, I treat myself very higher but I have been writing my diary in Japanese and English for over a year and enjoyed the pleasure of expressing my opinions in English. I would keep on writing like this. Writing, digging into my own mind, and growing myself higher and higher. Indeed, I might be too proud, but Haruki also tries to write against himself and become higher, doesn't he? Then, the issue of the Nobel prize must be just optional.