2022/07/03 English

My birthday. Today I attended the meeting about English that once I heard about. BTW I'm using an au phone, and because of its trouble, I couldn't make an appointment for that meeting. The members accepted my sudden joining. They were trying to read an English article from a newspaper and discussed their opinions about Baiden and Putin (in other words, America and Russia). I have never heard of such a serious and great meeting has had. Their passion impressed me by showing the fact that we can learn anywhere, anytime. I got a paper for the meeting in August so I will attend again.

After that meeting, I could nothing for a while. I couldn't read any books and think of any good way to spend the time. Any dramas and movies didn't attract me and time just passed away. Yes, I need this kind of 'mind wandering' time. But I didn't want to endure the long, really long boring time. I went to Aeon but I couldn't read the books I brought. I waited for the time to go... and I thought of the topic about Kobo Abe's "The Woman in the Dune" once I had on Clubhouse, so I went to a bookstore and bought it. I started reading it, then Kobo Abe's neat style attracted me so I could go into that book.

I am not a serious reader so I was reminded of Shyamalan's movie "Old" by reading "The Woman in the Dune" with Radiohead's "Kid A". Or the struggle with the sands of the main character let me imagine a terrible company (Japanese call it as 'black company'). He tries to work hard and also run away from it... But even if he could run away from it, he would have to go to another hell in which routine work or duty ruled. Yes, it's really Kafka... then we need to find a certain pleasure in that kind of hell and live actively with a will. it shows this kind of an eternal problem therefore really interesting.

At night, I attended a meeting of a philosophy cafe on Discord. This time, the theme was 'how to enjoy playing'. I tried to tell my thought with plain words avoiding using specific vocabulary. I think that 'enjoying playing' means just some 'killing boredom' like Kouichiro Kokubun says "The ethics of leisure and boredom". Using resources like time and money dynamically, gaining pleasure. Even if it was just an instant pleasure... so writing my diary in English is 'enjoying playing' for me. Like reading books... I could enjoy a great time with others.