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2021/09/09 English

At last, I bought "Alain on Happiness". I've read it and found that he tells the same opinions as me. He says that "To become happy is by your will". Interesting. Thinking as "I will be happy" and starting to move by yourself to be happy (it might mean a little movement, for example, walking or meditating). Then you will become happy. I do my work because of this logic. My work is physical so the movement of my body leads my mind up. Who is Alain? His writing reminds me of Takafumi Horie's practical method of thinking.

If I get too much of Alain, I read Takashi Akutsu's "The Journal of Reading 2". This book has a 600-page length. I like this author. He doesn't read the same books as me but I want to check the books he read. His point of view is great. I decided to read the book "The person going mad" which is about a Japanese author Toshio Shimao and his wife Miho. I thought this book seemed to be interesting but I didn't read it... Is this jealousy? If other people read interesting books, I think I also want to do them.

The night, I attended an online meeting about "underwater archeology" on ZOOM. It wasn't the topic I knew well so I learned a lot from it. This meeting was by the international association so I hoped that foreign members attended it. I had taken the world's history when I was a high school student. So I couldn't imagine the situation of Japan 800 years ago (It is the "Kamakura" age). I have to learn from it again... It is quite a good lecture. I didn't have any interest in that but he seemed he enjoyed that lecture by himself.

I have an interest in Yuzo Tsubouchi. He had passed away recently. I am not a good reader of him but I have followed his lifework "Chase the paperbacks!". I want to read "night and day journal" and "paperback sensyuraku" but the libraries don't have them. I have to buy them... of course, I won't. I need to make money. Once I bought the books I wanted rapidly but now I don'T want to do it. I feel that another myself stops doing it. It might be the same mechanism as I can stop drinking alcohol for no reason. "Just" I can stop drinking. Because of the power of my friends?