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2021/08/31 English

Today and tomorrow are days off. I don't know why but my company gave me them so I decided to go back to my parents' house. But I had nothing to do even I couldn't come here easily. Lying the bed, I read a book and slept. I listened to Blur's album "The Magic Whip". This album gave me a dazed feeling like Syd Barett's music. Pop, powerful, and very rock'n'roll sound. I have not listened to recent their albums even their Britpop trilogy was in my youthful days so I had listened again and again. I don't think "The Magic Whip" will be my favorite album as "Parklife", but it is great.

The book I had read was "A User's Guide to the Millennium" by J.G.Ballard. This is the collection of his essays. He shows the fact he is not only a great novelist but a brilliant critic. He treats the society of motorcycles or urban messed life as our future's sources. Science Fiction is not only a genre of entertainment but the beginning of our trial to think about our future. We need SF to think about our life. I respect his brilliant rhetoric, the serious attitude of thinking, and the ability to realize them as his masterpieces.

I couldn't feel I wanted to watch any movies. The night I found a book in the box which I had packed books. It was Susumu Sogo's "I can't live without movies 2016-2018". I knew about the author accidentally, and I have been moved by his huge knowledge of movies, jazz, and books. In this book, he talks about his aging because he got his 60s (we Japanese treat 60 as "kanreki" time). He also talks about his death. His serious attitude of writing makes me calm. But he also shows that he send his novel to a prize and waits for the time it would become a "prized novel". It makes me smile.

From my bookshelf, I found the book "The journal of reading" by Takashi Akutsu which has 1000 pages. I want to read it again. All I do is just reading books... I wonder it's OK but that has been my life. From my youth period, I just have done reading. The attitude of reading books for killing boredom never changes. I won't think if it can be useful. My hunch or inner voice says I should read books so I do. Then, fate gives me the future I will be able to use the knowledge of these books. These miracles let me read books. I think always it's so.