Back To Life

Back To Reality

2021/08/19 English

Nowadays it is getting chilly. I can't believe these hot summer days. It might be because of these rainy days. Today I went to AEON to buy a lunchbox and found the lunchbox which contains pacific saury or fried oysters. I like the oyster so bought it. It was delicious. Delicious meals make me good. Delicious meals... also the meals from my group home do me think this life is not bad. Life might be a gift for me... the meals give me that message. Yes, it is full of nonsense but not bad.

Autumn comes... a little bit early? Recently I listen to Soul II Soul and Hikaru Utada. However today I wanted to listen to Eric Clapton's "Unplugged". And I also wanted to listen to Kenji Ozawa's "dogs" although  I listened to it yesterday. These kinds of music are the ones which celebrate this daily life which looks like the repetition of the same things and almost is "endless daily life". I feel the strong will of celebration from that music. The life with that music. Yes, it might be great...

Ah, when I was a heavy drinker... at autumn I ate saury and drank beers. I also ate salmon and drank beers. I ate a bonito and drank beers... I didn't think about the changing season. Just enduring these boring days wishing to die soon... but now, I can feel the changing of these days. Days look boring but they have certain changes. Every day has its taste. Did I become being good at living?

Today I didn't watch movies. I didn't read books either. I attended a group meeting on Facebook. A person said to me that I was from Waseda. I answered a blurred answer like "Yes, Waseda says so...". Waseda... my elder brother said Tokyo was a wonderful place so I went there as sightseeing. But I passed the exam... Exactly it was a precious experience but it is not related to recent activities. Now is better than Waseda days. Oh, these days... I listened to Kenji Ozawa's "dogs" these days. So now is not so different from the Waseda days... I might be able to say so.