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2021/09/11 English

I read "Alain on Happiness" again. Alain tells us the importance of doing our duties without thinking about our moods too much. So I thought I would watch the movie "Wonderwoman 1984" after work and dinner. But my mood didn't allow me to watch it so I read a book. This kind of "the wave of mind" moves me... I have to read Alain and train myself more. Autumn has come so I read Raymond Carver's "Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?" with the music of Bob Dylan.

But "Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?" was not an interesting book for me. It seemed because these short stories were Carver's "early" work (in other words, they were the product of the "developing" process). They were not incredible ones (of course, they did not flop). The wave of mind stopped me from reading them more. So I started reading "My Beatles" by Yasuharu Konishi which once I stopped reading. I could read it more. But I exactly thought that "Reading this book doesn't mean gaining knowledge. Then, what am I doing?". Even Yasuharu Konishi's writing is amazing and it is a great book.

Today is the day we had experienced the 9.11 terror 20 years ago. Netflix broadcasts the documentary about that terror. Maybe I should watch it. 20 years had passed... The terror had happened, and I had read Yo Henmi and Kiichi Fujiwara and talked (or discussed) about that terror instantly. I missed these days but I also feel shameful... I was into myself deeply who could talk (or discuss) terrorism or general politics. The people who couldn't (or who wouldn't) talk worked seriously and built their life to make their lives better. I might forget its importance.

20 years ago, the days I had done my website... or I should go back more. The days I had made a tiny magazine with my friends when I was a Waseda student. I wanted to say my opinions about politics and culture. I had looked down on the people who would say nothing about politics. Now I have a different opinion. As Bruce Springsteen is describing, the people who work and built their lives, and make their lives better are just great. Their attitude itself is just beautiful and therefore politics and culture which they need must be precious. Ah, I have needed 20 years to notice this simple truth.