2022/06/20 English

This afternoon I had a chance to see a woman who had met once at an English conversation class. She praised my English and told me about another English meeting in this city. Of course, I felt very thankful for her kindness. I heard that on the 3rd of July they will have a new one so I will attend it. Ah, when I had learned English literature at Waseda University, I couldn't imagine that learning English enables me to meet various people and make strong connections. If I attend there, I want to show them how I can speak English. How would it work?

I started thinking that I can open my history in the English conversation class (I have kept having this idea). In other words, I should talk about that once I had learned English literature at Waseda University... TBH I kept this secret there. Because I couldn't find any chance to say about this and also, I don't like the people who change their attitudes if they learned about Waseda. Where university the person graduated from should not be an important fact if we judge the person's core character.

Where is the core of my character? This might sound strange but I am a person who enjoys life in Shiso city and respects Wittgenstein and Haruki Murakami. I also have an interest in Jean-Luc Godard's movies. That's me. I like listening to Kenji Ozawa's "The Dogs Bark But The Caravan Moves On" and reading Akira Asada's columns. I prefer living an ordinary life and that's me. So I didn't think that Waseda was not the essence I should open to them. But I might have to confess about it and show myself more.

As I might write once, I have never thought that I wanted to go to Waseda. I had given up on Waseda because it needed too high smartness. And also I had no ambition or desire to enter there and do something. But I tried to do the exam thinking "life is to enjoy challenging" and passed as the result. This is the fact for me. I think that the people who are connected with me must be as awesome as Waseda. They know about global politics well and also have an interest in the metaverse. That kind of 'street wise' attracts me.