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2021/08/05 English

I'm worrying if this journal is getting difficult. Yes, exactly my writing is always difficult but... When I was a college student, I worked for leftist students' papers. But the old guys wrote the articles which were full of special words and therefore their writing was quite difficult. So I didn't read them even if I got them. If I can write easily, then I should do so. Did Haruki Murakami say that "civilization is communication"? I want to write like Haruki because I am a fan of him.

Nowadays I'm listening to Soul II Soul. They are a group that released their music from the end of the 80s to the beginning of the 90s, which is my youthful days. They play a sweet, sophisticated R&B. Since I started watching a Netflix comedy "Dear White People" and also watching Spike Lee's hardcore movies, I am getting to be interested in "black" culture. But I can't follow the books in libraries that tell us what is BLM. This "my boom" about black culture lasts until the end of this Olympics?

After today's work, I watched "THIS IS US". It's quite a "well-made", white and clean drama. In English, we say that "When life gives you lemons, just make lemonade". In this drama, these words are said in a more sophisticated way. I like them. Once I thought that why I was (more correctly, why "only" I was) unhappy like this and therefore I drank a lot of alcohol. Now I am trying to do the next best thing in this given situation. I believe the words "Heaven helps those who help themselves".

That night, I've watched Enyedi Ildikó's movie "On Body And Soul". It looked like Haruki Murakami's novel. I thought this was a cool drama that was about a relationship between a man and a woman who tried to start loving each other carefully. They don't lose their mind but try to keep in a distance. This movie is a white, beautiful drama with a strong light. But in that whiteness, nasty elements are contained. I reminded of Michael Haneke because of that balance of white light and nasty things.