2022/09/28 English

Recently I have been reading Haruki Murakami's works intensively. Today I went to Aeon as usual, as an activity in the morning, and started reading "Underground" there. This is a common thing but I thought that "Underground" tells us the real faces of the people caught in the Tokyo subway sarin attack. There are various people's days, and also their lives. Those have a certain value to be treated preciously. Then, once I had underrated those kinds of 'ordinary lives'. I must treat 'to live ordinarily' as junk.

To live ordinarily... Me, I am 47 years old but just staying single and have no family, no kids. Yes, I am the person who chooses this way of living. Probably ordinary workers might endure a hard time accessing the workplace by some trains such as the "Underground" tells, They might do their work facing that stressful situation. I just ran away from the possibility of living that kind of life (even if it was unconsciously). And I chose the life which has time to read my favorite books and music. I just understand that it's not the problem that has a correct answer. Then, I need to accept other people's ways of living as 'it is what it is'.

I have been vaccinated for the fourth time. I already made preparation for being vaccinated as a veteran. Just got, and wait for 15 minutes, and all over. I pray that the vaccine would sink into my body smoothly. This evening, I read Haruki Murakami's "A Wild Sheep Chase". Haruki Murakami tries to tell his story seriously in this story. Before this, his novels consisted of fragments mainly, so I felt that they were a collection of pieces of the story, not the smooth and long story itself. But this novel ends as a well-made story that has long and smooth sentences. I felt that he had gotten evolved as a writer simply.

Thinking about what Haruki's novel should be next, I chose his "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World". The reason why I have been attracted by Haruki is just his storytelling is great. Indeed, if you choose any 'well-made' story like Haruki's, you can find Raymond Chandler or Toshihiko Yahagi, and also so many writers. But Haruki's novels have a 'fishy' taste like a great conspiracy. I might even say that you can sink into his paranoiac point of view which this world itself must be controlled by an evil group. Therefore young readers are into his works I guess.