2022/10/23 English

At last, the day of the city festival which our city's international association came. At 9 am I went to the building we call "bousai (security)" center and helped with the preparation. I met the staff from our city, the person who explains our city's garbage problem and its solution, and the people I usually see at the meeting on Thursdays. Though I had been nervous, I fulfilled the balloons for the balloon art at the booth next to us (but I couldn't help them because I crushed it) and checked my English. It was a fine day and we could do nice preparation in a fine atmosphere.

I ate Thai ramen for lunch. After that, we started welcoming guests at last. I couldn't expect the result, because an ALT person who helped me as an alternative interpreter was also the admin of another booth. So she couldn't leave there, and I had to welcome guests with my poor English. Who the earth comes to us? ... but a friend of mine came to us. She was also an English learner (and the alternative interpreter came to see us during her break time), so I enjoyed talking with them in English. Yes, it was really glad for me.

After that, a teacher appeared to do her lecture about the garbage problem in "Easy Japanese". We enjoyed the lecture. Suddenly, another ALT person came to join us at our booth. So the person started explaining the garbage problem and I tried to translate it into English (although the ALT person seemed to be able to understand Japanese). But, reality bites. I couldn't think of any words in the word "soak" in his words "soaking wasted oil into used newspapers", so I had to google it with my smartphone. Oh my... I have to practice more!

This, for me, was a wonderful time because I could meet various people and enjoyed talking in English. But how were the other members? I can remember that I learned English literature during my college days, and after that, I learned English for a long time even if I had some blanks. But reality even bites so I can feel that respect for pro-interpreters, ALT teachers, and the members of the international association appears. Everyone is amazing. For this motivation of learning English, I have the thanksgiving for this participation. Thank you.