2022/10/22 English

I read an opinion that says "On learning languages, their talent rules everything" on a LINE group. Their talent... I don't want to rely on the word. Of course, there must be many people who have their talents. But I want to say that the way of learning languages must be open to everyone (of course, we have to be concerned about the difference in speed of progress). I got a chance to be tested on my ability of English on the next Sunday, but this was led by the efforts I have been doing every day. Efforts are greater than talents. I believe this must be one truth. How can we enjoy efforts?

For example, I always carry a memo pad, "Mnemosyne" by Maruman, in the pocket of my pants. I write various ideas I think about in English in my free time. This began in 2020, and the beginning of this habit because a friend said that "you seem to be so alive when you speak something in English". I had tried to write a memo in Japanese but I couldn't keep it so stopped. Writing in English might suit me. Is this any effort?

About the word "effort", I remember Taiyo Matsumoto's manga "Ping Pong". In this manga, A character Sakuma who was defeated by the absolute difference of talents appears. Although he keeps on training in Ping Pong, but he can't win... Indeed, he might be a loser of Ping Pong, but we can find that he can find his tiny happiness through that effort if we follow his process of growing up. This truth provides a profound lesson in this manga. The person who does an effort in their life, even if the effort doesn't realize as a victory, but brings us happiness. This is my faith.

The steady effort is, if I use Japanese expressions, really "muddy" and therefore uncool. Anyone, however, needs their effort to go forward although they are gifted. The geniuses who left myths or legends had been doing their efforts (and they even enjoyed them) if we tried to know the truths of them. Doing what everyone can do more completely. That might lead us to make a masterpiece in our lives. At least, I don't compare myself with someone. I go my way and write a memo pad in English today as usual.