2022/06/05 English

I couldn't see the reason why but I had been sleepy today. After today's work, although I had thought I should read Hiromi Shimada's "Aum" or watch any movies, but after having dinner I slept a lot. And I woke up and found it was too late. Yes, this can happen. I read "Aum" a little. My hunch (or inspiration) said that this book should be a 'must' to think about the problem about Aum and my youth. I had spent the time during the Aum Shinrikyo incidents, so I have to learn about them again with this book (at that time, I was a college student and have no TV or computer. No smartphones at that age).

Having an interest in Aum again, I reserved the book Richard Dawkins's "The God Delusion" at the library to read and think about these issues. Aum incidents told us that any mysterious experiences must have certain reasons to happen. Flying in the air or illusion/delusion must happen if there are the reasons to happen... We can relativize the ecstatic experiences that we say God brings us. Once I was into the occult world and read horror stories so much. I bought all of the "Shinmimibukuro" (a series of collections of ghost and horror stories). Even if I believe "Shinmimibukuro" is a great work of Japanese literature.

Of course, flying in the air or illusion/delusion is great enough. But, according to me, people do things as great as these 'extraordinary' ones in their daily life. People do the things I never can do. For example, people make haiku by recalling various signs of coming seasons and also sentiments. Or the authors like Daniel Dennett bring the intelligence and experience they have built into their books as masterpieces. Now I'm listening to Kenji Ozawa's "The scene of Angels" and I can find that Ozawa expresses quite a beautiful melody in this 13-minutes song. These works also can have the worth to be called 'miracles', can't they?

People achieve 'miracles' in their everyday life. Like Kazushi Hosaka writes in his novels. Or Spitz sings in their 4-minutes songs (indeed, all of the artists must do). Me, being in this world, or being born in this world can also be a 'miracle'. Ludwig Wittgenstein said, "Not how the world is, but that it is, is the mystery". I'm, the reason is really enigma for me, but living in 2022. This moment. And this moment never comes back. That must be a mystery... I believe so.