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2022/05/02 English

TBH I have been playing a metaverse Cluster since yesterday. But the desktop computer I have is too old so can't play it. So I try to use the Cluster on my smartphone and enjoy chatting in English with the users from Hong Kong or Taiwan. At first, I thought that there was no connection between any metaverse and me because I won't play any games. But I heard that some users use it for learning the languages so I checked it, and I found a world so I decided to start it.

I can remember that once I had read Hideko Ikegami's books "Hyper world" and "The intelligence as autism" and thought about the connection between the autism I have and the virtual world as Second Life. Although I could find nothing interesting so I couldn't be into Second Life, but I might make new friends in this metaverse world if it goes well. But I am already around fifty so I shouldn't play something without thinking about my age, which is old enough so I shouldn't be in young groups. Although I might not have to keep on writing on Discord if I referred my age.

Today was a day off. I went to a clinic and met my doctor about autism, and I got some medicines. After that, I went to Aeon and at the Miraiya bookstore I bought Audrey Tang's book "I will talk about the future everybody has never seen". After reading it, I wanted to read the book "Au" again, which is her autobiography I have read once. She is already very famous in Japan and TBH I am also a fan of her. Of course, I won't adore her blindly, but her books always give me something. This time's reading is also funny.

From her books, I think about what intelligence is. Her soft style of talking and thinking is impressive enough. But she is never wishy-washy, and she always shows clear conclusions and moves actively (this might sound rude but her movements have a 'good cost performance'). It is interesting that she talks about our 'future' and tries to realize it. Although I am a pessimistic person, I always get a certain hope from her books. But I also think that I want to be an independent person and build my life or my future. Does the Cluster become the first step for that building?