Back To Life

Back To Reality

2022/01/15 English

BGM: Soul II Soul "Back To Life"

Yesterday I wrote as "I might catch a cold". After that, nothing happens seriously. But after today's work, nothing seemed to be done as of today's routine. No energy in myself... so I didn't watch any movie and just lie on the bed reading Susumu Sogo's "Can't Live Without Movies 1999-2002". I googled and found that he seems to be not quite a popular writer. But I still feel that he is an awesome person who embraces me. I could be a cool person like him when I would be the 50s... He is a kind of "role model" for me.

I heard a piece of terrible news. A teenage guy who attacked other people because he couldn't study well to join any good university. I don't know the details of that case so I have to say my opinion with my imagination only. I know the narrow point of view as teenagers often have. They live the period of simulating their life after graduating from universities with their heads only. Before they live actually in society... In short, they are too serious and nervous. Life after graduating from university is longer than the period of education. Don't worry.

Even I think I should hurry. My 20s or 30s would be different from this... I even think that I could live a better life if I could get a fine job, and be given a bright future. But I remember the TV program "Shout! Bronde teacher" which had Dorian Sukekawa as a host. He once talked about Tom Waits and told us that Tom had a career that he couldn't say getting success even he got the middle of his 30s. He lived full of trouble. There can be "No hurrying life". I had learned it from that program.

I even graduated from Waseda, but it never made my life happier. What university you have gone through is not important. But every time you are where and do what, or what do you want to do is important. Now I write journals or novels like this and talk about the jobs and the private problems with my friends. I never can do hobbies that need money but it's OK. I will enjoy reading books in libraries. Or I will enjoy music and movies with the subscription. Now I don't want to be an ideologue on Twitter. This is me.