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2021/11/02 English

At last, I started reading Yoshikichi Furui's "Morning Glory". Oh... in addition to the same author's "Karioujyouden Shibun", What do I want to do by reading these books? I ask this myself. Reading books changes something? This myself doesn't change. I have not been changed by the books like "before and after". For example, yesterday I was a fascist but today I changed my opinion to liberal... Never happen such a thing. Only tiny changes happen. If I had been changed by reading, that could be a kind of "changing"? I think about it.

I was asked if I could talk about something at the meetings on Thursdays. Yes, this was a precious chance, and I thought of talking about "autism". That's nice? About this theme, I can talk about the fact I am an autistic person and therefore I'm always having troubles/problems... Autism is one of the biggest problems for us in my opinion. I say aloud. We have the right of being alive and declaring our opinions! ...I'm sorry. May this topic be the one we can enjoy talking about. But... what point do I have to start with?

Why the things which are from me are so weird? Basically, what does mean the act we say something from our brains? If we were born as the same people, our society didn't develop like this. Some people read Naoki Hyakuta and others read Yoshikichi Furui. This variety/diversity keeps our society interesting and creative. Then, God made us because our existence makes this society funny, didn't it? Or, we were born like this so we want to make this society funny. We want to live this life so happily...

The result of the election still affects everyone on Twitter. Various opinions are clear. The Liberal Democratic Party won, Edano lost this battle, etc... Yes, talking politics must be great. But I think that the various elements of our life as sleeping, eating, working should be the basis of our society's politics. The firm basis of our life makes great politics. Or I should say that getting into politics without making life better can be dangerous. Once I had drunk alcohol all day and just tweeted only. I won't go back to these days.