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2021/09/20 English

I've read the paperback of David Lynch's biography "Room To Dream" (The book once I had written about). But I skipped the parts that I couldn't understand so I can't be proud of. So I have to read this book for understanding deeply again and again. But anyway I've read so I want to be praise myself. Once I had read a paperback by Louise Gluck, who had been praised as the Nobel Prize winner, and this is the second paperback I've read. Ah, the design of foreign paperbacks is just cool so I had bought a lot and had regret...

The members of clubhouse said that I could speak English. Really?... for me, the members who can make various rooms and do small talks go on are great. So this is the interesting point I've found as the difference of our senses. Written this several times, I speak English "by my body". Getting used to by the experiences, I can get suitable English words before I think as "Oh, What should I say this in English?". So I just say it. Always I do that and it makes the conversation go forward. That kind of state might be rare for other people.

I thought about the plan for my broadcasting in Japanese and English. Of course, I get no money from it but I am bored of the poor days of watching movies only so I need some thrill. I thought the title of my radio. How about "lovely drive"? ...I thought about it seriously but just get this so I've been mysterious. But I think that enjoying the radio means doing a drive for changing moods. Or I should name it "harvest"... I want to name it friendly, not a maniac, or too cool.

I am wondering if I should buy Louise Gluck's and W.S.Merwin's paperbacks. It costs too high and I think I wouldn't read even if I bought them. I should read the paperbacks I've bought with no thought... Why do I read books so foolishly? No, this question is nonsense. There are books so I read. As there is a mountain so we climb it, or there is a person who is drowning so we help him/her. This question is at that kind of dimension.