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2021/09/19 English

I'm not good at spending morning time. Always I feel like all of my energy has drained out and been empty. I heard that it is not good if we move from depth to surface so I must think about the process I can recover without trouble. My habit of the morning is to drink coffee and eat breakfast (this is important, I shouldn't spend the day without breakfast because it would cause bad results). And having a bath, doing my laundry, and writing my journal like this. Nowadays listening to the broadcasting on clubhouse has been added.

Today we have an online meeting about autism. Attending this monthly meeting, I have spent about five years. Always I am getting the power from this meeting. I talked about Haruki Murakami. The same theme I had talked about when I had attended the meeting our city's international association had done. I am a fan of Haruki so I'm glad to see increasing his fans. But I don't think it's pleasant if people say "Haruki's novels are basically must-read". Life without Haruki is also precious. I have enjoyed it.

That night, I have watched Danny Boyle's "Steve Jobs". According to this movie only, Steve Jobs is a mysterious person and we can't see what he is thinking. A genius or just a mad person... But his words are critical and don't allow us to obey our commonsense. For example, he said about the device we need to use touch pens is bad because it doesn't allow us to use our fingers. He might be able to see the time we are just living now. He might be able to grip the truth... He looked at the future. He might feel his mission to realize that future.

clubhouse, or podcasts on Spotify(the broadcastings like radio), are the things I am getting to be interested in. Once I had registered and done nothing. Maybe now is the time I should post new content. I might have to take it easy. Yes, I am enjoying to listen English content for learning but... Being shy makes neither money nor fun. So I decided to think about the new program's idea. Little by little... The program contains Japanese and English content. Or showing the tiny misunderstanding in English. That will be the content.