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2021/09/14 English

Once I had read a book by Ha-Chu, a Japanese blogger, and learned from it that successful people are the people who do interviews for themselves (so having various topics to talk about). I remember it. I thought I want to provide funny/interesting topics on clubhouse or online meetings on ZOOM. So I bought a paperback size note, "SNOOPY MY BOOK" and will write various topics in it. But I am too nervous to endure the pressure so I can't talk as I want to. I should train my heart to talk against the pressure instead of this tiny smartness.

I'm reading Scott Fitzgerald's "My Lost City" little by little. I can't understand well. But the translator Haruki Murakami also says that he couldn't understand the novels when he had read for the first time so I want to read "The Scott Fitzgerald Book" and ”Babylon Revisited”. And if possible, I want to read "Jazz Anecdotes" by Bill Crow, which is also translated by Haruki Murakami. I also want to read Raymond Carver... Ah, my reading is filled with Haruki's works.

I want to talk about the topic "Why do we live on" at the online meeting on ZOOM we will do tomorrow. In my opinion, we don't need the meanings or purposes to live. In other words, we say "The end justifies the means" so living with making meanings or purposes is not bad if you can do it. But I think they are fictional. I think that this body seems to live on, not going to die, so I live by this body's groove. That might be well. If we live by the groove of our bodies, our minds will follow the groove and get better. That is just a pleasure to live... Is this wrong?

I've watched Greg Berlanti's movie "Love, Simon". This writing sounds like a pervert I think, but I had wanted to watch it because Catheryn Langford, an actress who is the heroine of "13 reasons why", appears in that movie. This one is a well-made movie that describes a gay boy who tries to "come out" the fact he is gay and also declare himself to the world. Why do gay people have to endure the pressure? Why can straight people confess their sexuality smoothly? This movie has these kinds of topics to think about.