2022/07/28 English

BGM: Lenny Kravitz "Stand By My Woman"

Today I worked early. At lunchtime, I bought a lunchbox and ate it at a food court. I enjoyed listening to George Michael's album "Faith" again at that time. TBH I started writing about my youth time's memories at a Japanese site Kakuyomu (I also translate it and post to Wattpad) and decided to dedicate this to George Michael. "Faith" is a very pure album. It also has too sensational songs, but totally it is a pop and soulful one I believe. It was a good friend when I was a high school student (My novel is very lewd so read with care!)


It seems that my taste in music has gone back to music in the 90s like George Michael. Or Suede, Blur, Oasis... I couldn't imagine this when I was at my 20s, but my sense of music exactly gets older. I can feel it. The musicians who are on the trend are, Of course, very brilliant (now is the time that our tastes in music get developed, therefore 'diversified'. Then, getting popularity must be very, very hard!). But I am actually going back... Probably I will be listening to this kind of 90s music and become an old person.

I read a book I had borrowed from a library. It was edited by Masachi Ohsawa, "From Akihabara". This has quite a heavy content so I read it step by step, and I found that this book says that Tomohiro Kato, the criminal, might need the 'closer' person. In other words, we need to be alone so we need someone else as the 'closer' person ('closer' is the keyword that the writer made by himself). I thought this was important. I have got the 'closer' people by lucky meetings, and the trust I have made with them let me grow up and think positively. If Kato had that kind of 'closer' person?

At night, I attended an online meeting on ZOOM and enjoyed a lecture about 'the first star'.I couldn't follow well because it was out of my interest, but the presenter spoke to us in a friendly way and with a very clear metaphor so I started to have an interest. I felt that I was almost in the world of Kenji Miyazawa's "The Night of the Milky Way Train". I remembered the scene the main character learned about the galaxy. This hot summer, trying to read Kenji Miyazawa or Genichiro Takahashi sounds good.