2022/07/27 English

BGM: Tom Waits "Time"

A day off. I went to a library and borrowed two books about execution. I went to Aeon and read Kazumi Mukai's "Happiness called as book clubs". Although I read books, I don't like the 'snob' mood of 'bookworms'. I'm saying about the people who think they are 'chosen' just because they like books and read some books well. But I thought that this book tells us how the habit of reading books can work in our life, especially for the people who don't like reading or the people who have not been saved by books. And this book can be a kind of a book guide. I want to try Proust again by this book.

After that, I attended the room Judith had opened on Clubhouse. Today she opened a small room so it was really cozy. I told her that I had borrowed Yoko Tawada's novel "The Emissary" from the library, then she showed an interest in that. I told her that "I spend about three hours reading(I am not interested in TV or games)", but she understood it as "I spend about three hours reading one book a day". No way! I never think 'rapid reading' is good. Judith always saves my poor English and also my mind.

This afternoon, I checked Netflix and found a Korean drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo". It was about the daily life of the first lawyer lady in Korea. I tried watching the first episode. The main character Woo has a smart brain (IQ164) and she can remember all the books she has read, and she starts working at a law office as a lawyer. Indeed, it is on the stereotype of 'autistic people must be genius', but it was a great drama and I was into it. She is charming and brilliant, but also she has a lot of trouble in her life. How does the drama develop? I want to know her 'human' aspect.

At night, I went to the 'danshu' meeting. I heard that a person who helps me was now sick in a hospital. When I met him for the first time, he said that "Let's get happy!". I can remember that. At that time, I was only caring about myself only therefore I couldn't understand what it would mean. Now I can understand. Every day, steadily, we stop drinking. Step by step. We should live modestly (he is exactly modest). Happiness is on that stairs. I wish he would come back. 7 years since I had stopped drinking. At last, I felt certain happiness, but he is just the person who notified me of that simple fact, therefore I feel thankful for him.