2022/07/04 English

Today I worked late. In the morning I read Tim Ingold's "Being Alive". I was a bit surprised because this book discusses a topic I am just interested in now. Being alive means not staying still but starting moving. For example, walking, thinking, writing, and talking. Start doing actual action. This book tells us about them (I think so). These actions change this world, and the world reacts to our actions. It causes another dynamic change... It's quite an exciting book.

I attended a discussion about the 'low birthrate and aging society' topic on an 'openchat' on LINE. We should accept immigrants or expect the development of AI... a member said that this problem lets people who have never done helping aged people grow up by helping people actually. Indeed, helping aged people might be tough work... but it made me have a difficult feeling. I can see that working hard and facing difficult things let us grow through my life experience. But it might go to a brutal logic of 'black companies'.

Recently I listen to Joichi Ito's podcast on Spotify. Especially I have a certain concern about the broadcasting with Kenichiro Mogi. Joichi Ito says he also creates a community on Discord. He found a possibility on Discord... which makes me impressed. What does he think? I want to know. With Kenichiro Mogi, he talks about neurodiversity and metaverse, and a brilliant future with technology that has been changing our society exactly. It might be 'a pie in the sky'. But I bet this bright future.

At night I remembered my life. I have lived until now... Exactly I couldn't become a bestseller writer. I would never become that. But I am satisfied with what I am writing. And I have some great readers. Unbelievable... and amazing. I have achieved this state. Also, I have built this skill of speaking English. Of course, I will keep on writing. But now I accept my current state and feel happiness. I lost my hungry spirit... is it OK?