2022/06/11 English

Should I quit Twitter? I feel that my mind gets too narrow if I keep on tweeting. I might get the habit of responding to various opinions in front of me every day. Atsushi Sasaki writes in his "The Critic King" that we need reflexes to criticize something. Yes, it is true. How do respond to the things in front of me and say my opinions instantly? That might be an appearance of our intelligence. But I want to choose 'slow thinking'. To various things every time, I try to answer as slowly as possible. That's me which is based on my natural character.

Another reason I should quit Twitter is that my mind changes easily and drastically. Yesterday, I went so mad and almost lost control so tried to save my calmness. But today I feel that I could do a good job and get satisfied with it. In this case, If I did Twitter, I have the tweets to show responsibility. The tweets of the time I almost lost my control and also the tweets I feel fine. Yes, this is a paradox so I should choose which tweets I have to have the responsibility for. Or I should think if I can owe the responsibility to both the tweets. Of course, if we express our opinions or records on social media, sometimes we have to endure expressing such a complicated paradox and also try to declare the sameness as possible as we do. But it is quite a different thing, isn't it?

This morning I listened to Senri Oe's "Olympic" and prepare for today's work. I did my work even if I had no energy to do so. Even if I had no energy, from somewhere the motivation comes and my body gets warm if I start working. I felt the magic of work as usual. If I posted these things randomly on Twitter, these tweets based on the randomness must be recorded almost eternally. I have to fear expressing that randomness to the world. What a dangerous behavior! Of course, I do the same thing in this diary. The behavior of yesterday and the one of today is almost completely different... so the result is almost the same. But I can prepare for the result if I write my diary because it is based on 'slow thinking'.

At night, I watched M. Night Shyamalan's "Old", This movie is like a metaphor for the corona disease. The situation of a closed environment, and we have to get older step by step without doing anything creatively... But in Shyamalan's movies, the main characters try to show their intelligence and escape from that situation. This director is (still) known as the person of the masterpiece "The Sixth Sense" but he tries to put various tricks in his one and make them really good entertainment. And he also settles on some profound philosophical topics quietly. How should I accept the 'old' which is exactly coming? I thought about this problem while watching.