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2022/04/04 English

Today was a day off so I went to Aeon and started reading Paul Auster's "The Book of Illusion" there. I like Paul Auster and have read his novels such as his 'New York Trilogy' which made him a famous author since I had been a college student and read his "Moon Palace"(I won't say that I 'always' read him). "Moon Palace" has been one of my favorite novels until now. His stories are great because their storytelling is very well. He has a very intelligent aspect and also has a 'natural' talent of a storyteller. Both get-together and make him a unique author. "The Book of Illusion" is also a great novel.

"The Book of Illusion" is, if I say it briefly, the story about 'lost and found'. The man who lost his wife and children in a plane accident meets movies of a comedy actor Hector and comes back from his depression. He writes a book about Hector and it works as a strange connection to let him meet Hector. He watches Hector's 'lost and found'. Auster writes their 'lost' seriously and the characters go until the bottom of life. This shows that Auster knows how can be to 'the bottom of life' well. He survived from 'the bottom' so his toughness is more powerful than I imagine. How great he writes about hope as such a tough writer! This novel also has great humor so I could say nothing.

This year we lost a film actor William Hurt. I can remember the movie "Smoke" in which he acted as an author who experiences his 'lost and found'. This movie is from Paul Auster's original story, and we can describe it as 'an adult human comedy'. Watching it again might be interesting. Auster writes almost the same story. "Smoke" also tells about the author who lost his wife and child and has a wounded heart that comes back and starts writing again. But I won't get rid of "Smoke" from my all-time best. My taste in movies is quite strange, or I should say that is stupid. But I never say that I am a cinephile so it's OK.

Ah, once I read "Moon Palace", the adventure of a guy Marco who was once a student of Colombia university but lost everything and came back from the bottom by the meeting of his girlfriend Kitty. I like this kind of 'lost and found' story, the one that describes the person coming back from the bottom such as Haruki Murakami. I had the past that I went to Waseda, tried to kill myself, and haunted by death, sink into alcohol deeply, and chose to live again. I remember Akira Kurosawa's "Dreams". Yes, the world might be a s**t but live life is precious. I should watch "Smoke" and "Dreams" again. Once I wrote a novel dedicated to Auster. Should I write it again?