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2022/03/28 English

Today was the day I went to the hospital. I met my doctor with a staff of my group home. I confessed about my polydipsia and checked my blood. It had a long time to admit my polydipsia as a handicap, but I had talked to a person who I trust about this. The person had said that I should tell to my doctor so I confessed this time. The staff accepted my confession and said "You said very well". I feel thankful for it. The next meeting with my doctor will be at the beginning of May because I have to do the third vaccination in late April. The staff left.

I went to Aeon and bought my lunch, and read Yoshio Kataoka's "Coffee calls". After some time I started reading Kataoka's writings seriously. I had just thought that he must be a paperback writer, but had read his "Outside of Japanese". It knocked me hard and I started following him. "Coffee calls" is also the cluster of his aesthetics (it is absolutely fresh!) which is made from Japanese old manga, foreign movies, and various music. This is the second reading but I can enjoy it without feeling boredom. I have to read his novel, but what should be the first?

In the afternoon I took a nap. After that, I started reading the rest of Susumu Sogo's "Can't live without movies 2010-2012", which I had read halfway. TBH this is also the second time reading and it lets me think about the pride of being a pro. When I talked about my job on Clubhouse, someone said that "you must be a pro because you had been able to keep on doing such a long time", but I still think that I am not for this job, therefore I don't have any pride of being a pro. But I try to be thankful for the given situation and also try to sharpen my teeth by myself with effort.

In the night I started reading Takashi Akutsu's "The journal of reading". This is also the second time reading. Nowadays I have not met the books I can read with any fresh feeling. Reading "The journal of reading", I thought that I could try to read the label of Hakusuisya's foreign literature "Ex Libris". Or I can try to read Faulkner or Hemingway. It's too early to be conservative. By Akutsu's writing, I moved (again) that he enjoyed various literature freely and made his thought crisp pieces in his journal. I have to follow him, and also I started that this journal of mine might be boring, although I can't tell how other people read this.