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2021/11/08 English

Today I read Yoshio Kataoka's "Afterwards" which I had read in a half. As the title says, This book is a collection of his afterward of his books. We can see how he thought when he had written a lot of books (he had a certain tactic). I thought he was a paperback writer, but he was really clever and he watched the currency of our ages with doing his works. So this is a good book I believe. He kept on thinking about our languages. About Japanese and English... He points out that language is beyond an individual. This opinion is great.

I tried to make a resume about autism for the meeting on Thursday (Oh, in Japan it will be the "Pocky" day!). I wrote some episodes about me and made it as funny as I can. "Correct" information is on the site of the government (For example, the Ministry of Health has such a site). So I can add nothing to it. I thought that some of my "funny" episodes light what is autism. Not putting my episodes to the general information of autism, but letting my episodes talk about what is autism. God is in the details (sorry, this is a joke).

So, all I did today was read a book and make a resume. I couldn't watch movies. As I wrote yesterday, I had started watching movies since I was 40 years old. The writers I adore showed (not only the knowledge of music) vast knowledge of movies so I thought ignoring movies is bad so (and I also was influenced by Koremasa Uno and Souichiro Tanaka "2010s") I had started watching. I couldn't understand everything about movies so started watching Kubrick who is well known by everyone. And I added one by one to my database in my head. I watch movies as I "study" them. I won't sink into the pleasure of watching.

I am thinking about how to manage my "To Do" tasks. I'm an autistic person so do a lot of careless mistakes. I should solve the problem of forgetting important things... Today I bought a portable whiteboard which is called "Write White". How about writing my To Do or the topics I want to talk about at the meetings? If I complete it, I can erase it. I can use post-it on it. The price is cheap so my damage is tiny even if I can't find a good way of using it. If it goes well, I will write about it.