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2021/09/30 English

I've got an invitation to attend an online saloon meeting so I did. At 6 am. It's not an active time for working about me, so I couldn't see if I could wake up but I could with no accidents. We had a deep story to discuss. The topic was "Let's make today the best day of our lives", but I had forgotten to have such an idea and just let myself live with inertia. Yes, I have tried to live safely, not to die... just to survive. I won't say it was completely wrong, but I think that living with strong ambition also might be important. How will today be? And tomorrow?

And I attended a meeting with an Indonesian person on clubhouse at 8 am. I have forgotten the topics we had talked about. My skill of listening English is still poor and I can hear only about a half. But I also am getting to be used to talk along with the groove they also have. Even if you can't understand how the people are saying, you can talk about the things which come to your mind and let the conversation move on. I remember my favorite musician Senri Oe. "Life is a jam session". Wherever I go, I trust myself and speak my truth.

Although I thought I would get sleepy, I could work until sunset time without sleepy emotion (because my work may erase sleepiness). But sleep is precious so I want to sleep slowly from now. Returning to my group home and taking a nap, I attended an online meeting on Facebook. We talk about the topic of separating our garbage for recycling to our resources once more (we did translate it by google). I heard "pet bottle" is Japanese English but people have to remember it as a common word in Japan (because we often use it). This shows one of the problems of globalization.

In the night, I had no time, so let my mind release with R.E.M. "Automatic For The People". Reading Yoshio Kataoka's book seem amazing but I had no vitality more. I have an interest in watching Milos Forman's movie "Man On The Moon" again. I don't like Jim Carrey so much, but I like this movie because it's quite heart-warming. Or I should watch "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" because this movie is also by Milos Forman. I remember the amazing smile Jack Nicholson made.